Advice & Tips, Asia, Itineraries, Philippines 24th June 2017

Ten Days In The Philippines: Bohol, Manila & Malapascua

Ten days is nowhere near long enough to see what the Philippines has to offer. I have to start this post with that disclaimer and to admit that after just a few days we were wishing we’d decided to stay and explore for at least a month!

We decided that we had time to spend a day in Manila, as we wanted to see at least some of the capital, and two islands. Initially we’d considered just one island but agreed in the end that we wanted to try and experience a few different places.

Advice & Tips, Asia, Itineraries, Philippines 21st June 2017

One Day In Manila: An Action Packed Itinerary

We approached our trip to Manila with a degree of trepidation, knowing that it can be a city that poses some challenges for visiting tourists. Many travellers either skip over the city all together by flying to Cebu or Kalibo, or choose to head straight from the airport onto another flight to the islands and beaches. We decided though that it would be a shame not to spend at least one day in Manila seeing what the city had to offer.

Advice & Tips, Asia, General, Philippines 18th June 2017

Is It Safe To Travel In The Philippines?

Despite a relative lack of coverage in the western media, most people are aware that the Philippines is experiencing some serious issues at the moment. In Manila it’s estimated that up to 8000 people have died as a result of the extra judicial killings designed to stamp out the city’s drug problems, whilst martial law has been declared in the Mindanao region due to terrorist activity.

Adventures, Advice & Tips, Asia, Brunei, Itineraries 9th June 2017

Day Trippin’ In Borneo: The Best Things to Do in Brunei

Brunei was never one of those countries that popped up on our ‘must see’ list. In fact, before we reached South East Asia I have to be honest and say I don’t think I’d ever even heard of it. When we decided to go to Borneo island, we realised it was just a 20 minute flight from where we were staying in Kota Kinabalu and well, it would have been rude not to visit really.

Adventures, Asia, Itineraries, Malaysia 4th June 2017

The Perfect Borneo Itinerary… If You’re Short On Time & Money

Money and time… wouldn’t we all love it if we had more of both. Sadly though, after ten months travelling we have only a few weeks until we need to think about heading home and our bank account has definitely seen better days. We’re not letting this hold us back too much though and our recent Borneo itinerary been a massive highlight of our trip.

Food & Drink, Philippines 2nd June 2017

Our Street Food Tour in Manila, Philippines

We were thrilled when we walked into our hostel in Manila to find that they’d partnered with a local company to promote an all new food tour. As you can see from the blog on recent Fridays it’s been a while since we’ve done a food tour and we weren’t expecting to be able to join one in the Philippines.

Advice & Tips 30th May 2017

How to Stay Fit When Travelling: Top Tips

As readers will know, we are on a bit of a fitness kick at the moment. We started to feel pretty rubbish after 6 months of paying little to no attention to our health, and decided at the beginning of the year it was time for a change. While we’re fairly active and like to eat pretty healthily, we definitely weren’t in the best shape. When it comes to staying fit when travelling, it’s not always easy but there are plenty of ways to stay on top of things.

Advice & Tips, Thailand 28th May 2017

Extending Your Thailand Tourist Visa in Phuket: A Quick Guide

Turns out that a lot of what we read online and we’re told when researching how to extend our Thailand visas in Phuket wasn’t fully up to date – so we thought we’d run through how it worked for us.

Firstly, the administrative office in Patong only deals with certain enquiries and isn’t open very often. All applications for visa extensions must be processed at the passport office in Phuket Town.

General, Random 26th May 2017

10 Months On The Road – Reflections

I can hardly believe it’s time for another round up post, the months are still flying by. We’re now 10 months into our travels and as I’m writing this I’m sat in Starbucks in Hong Kong (exotic I know), watching the rain tipping down outside and trying to catch up on some admin. As it’s going live we’re in Manila, which is slightly more exotic but still fairly rainy.