We love a good sunset, as do most people, and we’ve been lucky enough to see some absolute stunners on our travels. It’s always hard choosing to write a post like this as we still have so many places we’re due to go to in the next few months and I’m sure we’ll see amazing sunsets in those countries too, but hey, these ones were pretty special. 

In no particular order, our favourite sunsets from 2016 have been…

Koh Samui

The sunset over the jungle behind our villa on Koh Samui was amazing every night but this one was pretty much the best. Not only did we enjoy it from our infinity pool as we stayed in a luxury apartment courtesy of my Mum, but it lit the whole sky in the most brilliant orange for what felt like hours.

Brooklyn Bridge, NYC

We’d heard that sunset was a good time to visit the bridge and we’re so glad we did – this incredible sunset was picture perfect and gave a whole new dimension to the New York city skyline. We literally stayed on the bridge for hours just watching the sun go down, it was pretty perfect.

Sugarloaf Mountain, Rio de Janeiro

The only thing letting this one down was the crowds – everyone heads here for sunset as the views are just so spectacular. Seeing Rio transform from a beachside city in the daylight to a mass of city lights as night fell was an experience, as well seeing Christ the Redeemer from a distance before our hike up to the world wonder the following day.

Cerro San Bernado, Salta

It was a toss up between this one and the desert sunset we saw in Mendoza, but this Argentinian sunset just about won. We’d been drinking red wine all afternoon before deciding to hike up to this peak for sunset views on the advice of our guide. Sadly we were running slightly late and ended up tipsily pretty much running up the mountain to get there in time! It was so worth it though – I’ve never seen a sunset light the sky up with so many bright colours, just beautiful.

Miraflores, Lima

The Miraflores coastline in Lima is stunning at any time, with views out as far as you can see over the ocean, and the sunset here while enjoying a couple of drinks was definitely a memorable one.

Galapagos Islands

Somewhere in the pacific as we were sailing around the islands, we happened to be in the middle of the ocean with uninterrupted views for sunset. Sitting on the deck, watching stingrays lazily leaping out of the water and trying to spot whales while the sun went down over the horizon was a real ‘pinch me’ moment, and one of our happiest travel days.


On another boat trip, because there’s just something about watching the sun set over the ocean from a boat, and there are more to come, we spotted an amazing sunset on our day cruise in Fiji. It was just as we were heading back from a perfect day exploring the smaller islands back to our base in Nadi, and it was just beautiful.

Napier, Hawkes Bay

Travelling in our van around New Zealand has been one of our favourite experiences on this trip, and despite all the excitement of hiking on glaciers, cruising around Milford sound and black water tubing with glow worms, a sunset we witnessed one night in Napier, on the East Coast of North Island still stands out. We were lucky enough to find a camping spot right by the coast with ocean views, and looked out of the window to see the sun setting and the sky turning the most amazing candyfloss blues and pinks. The beach there is grey pebbles, whilst the water looks more green than blue, so the colours were incredible.

Whitsundays, Queensland

The Whitsunday Islands off the coast of Queensland are one of the most beautiful places we’ve visited and probably our favourite location in Australia (so far). This is our last boat sunset for this list, and quite possibly the best. We dropped anchor on our 80’s racing sail boat in a tiny cove off one of the islands and watched the sunset in the distance over the ocean, while I indulged in some shameless posing.

San Pedro de Atacama Desert

In the ‘Valley of the Moon’ in San Pedro de Atacama, we saw an amazing double sunset. We’ve written about this one before and sadly the pictures just don’t do it justice, but after watching the sun set in one direction, the light turned the mountains located opposite steadily more and more red as the moon rose and became brighter. Really stunning and two in one was a bonus!

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