I know, I know, I shouldn’t even be thinking about going home yet… we’re having an amazing time travelling the world and have several months until we have to catch our flight back to the UK. But bear with me, because there is a reason I’m thinking about it so early on and it makes perfect sense, to me at least.

I’m pretty sure that all of us have suffered with the dreaded ‘post holiday blues’ at some stage, even those Monday blues after a particularly good weekend can be hard to deal with. In my experience there’s nothing more depressing than heading for the airport when it’s time to return back to home and real life when you’ve had an incredible holiday. So in a small corner of my mind I can’t help but imagine how awful it must feel to deal with that x1000 when you’re headed home after a whole year spent travelling. I’m ashamed to admit it but I have actually shed tears at the airport before, so sad was I to realise the fun had come to an end and I had to go back to work.

Even when you’re perfectly happy with your life and have loads of brilliant things to go home to – family, friends, my gorgeous cat and dog amongst other things – it can be hard to face getting back into a routine after the freedom and relaxation a holiday brings. So I’ve planned a pre-emptive strategy to avoid as much of the post travel misery as possible, and it involves spending time planning all the brilliant things I’m going to do when I get back home. Our flight will be at some stage in July which gives me just over four months to make sure I’ve got plenty to look forward to on my arrival back in sunny Lutterworth. I wrote a little about work and my worries about job hunting already, but I’m working on the assumption that in order to secure the perfect next role there’s a high likelihood that we’ll need to relocate. With this in mind, I started to think about all the cool things I want to buy for our next house so we have an amazing home to live in.

Travelling is supposed to make you less bothered about material things but to tell you the truth it’s been the opposite for me. I never really cared much about stuff back home – preferring to spend all my money on holidays and weekends away in favour of buying things for the the house. Living such a transitory lifestyle on this adventure though has completely changed my perspective. Whilst I 100% want to carry on travelling and seeing the world will always be an important part of our lives, I now feel like I understand why investing in building a home is a good thing. I want to save up and buy the perfect sofa that I’ve been eying up on Pinterest for 6 months, or spend a weekend redecorating the kitchen and jazzing it up with accessories, because I want to live in an environment that makes me happy. No more inherited lumpy mattresses that give us back ache because we’re too cheap to buy new ones and no more horrible curtains from Ikea just because they’re on offer and it saves buying nice ones from Next or Laura Ashley. We’ve resolved that we will invest in our home and our surroundings, even if that does mean spending money to do so! Not everything we want to buy is expensive by any means, but we want to look forward to going home after a long day to cosy rooms filled with things we love.

A Corner Sofa

My mum is convinced that these are unforgivingly tacky, but I bloody love them. From the little cottage we stayed in that had one in Cornwall, to the one we lazed around on when recovering from hiking the Blue Mountains in a guesthouse Australia, they are supremely comfortable. I think they look pretty good as well styled right – something like this perhaps.

Loaf Corner Sofa of Dreams

A Coffee Machine

This is both a tool to save money in the long term and a fab addition to the kitchen for someone who loves coffee as much as Rob. I don’t want to think about how much we used to spend at Nero and Costa before this trip and am determined not to fall back into that trap. The idea is that we’ll buy an awesome coffee machine and each day we’ll put the money we would have spent on buying coffee into a savings jar for future travels!

Heston Coffee Machine from John Lewis

A Good Camera

A bit silly maybe to buy a decent camera after spending a year travelling the world with nothing but an iPhone to take pictures with but hear me out. As I’d like to try and keep blogging when I get back home I’d love to improve my photography skills as part of this, so I’d love to invest one of my first few pay checks into a decent camera and take some time to learn how to use it properly.

Image Credit Canon

A Nice Set of Bookshelves

We both love books and have managed to add a fair few to our collection while travelling despite the extra weight it means we have to carry in our back packs. Our first set of book shelves were Billy bookcases from IKEA in white for our tiny modern flat and even though they definitely didn’t go with the interiors in our house we never got around to replacing them. I’m fantasising about a lovely wooden bookcase filled with lonely planet guides for all the places we’ve visited…

Image Credit Insidecloset.com

Some Posh Candles

I see these a million times a day on Instagram and various lifestyle blogs I’m envious of. Somehow I’ve never had the stomach to spend the kind of money demanded by a Diptyque or Jo Malone candle but I’m determined to make the investment when we get back home. Perhaps by next winter I’ll have just about saved up enough to justify it!


Rob’s not happy with this one. I’ve always loved cushions but never bought enough of them to fulfil my cravings. Our new corner sofa and mattress will be liberally scattered with cushions and throws for the ultimate in comfort… and hygge, which I understand has become a thing since we’ve been gone.

Image Credit Ideal Homes

A PlayStation VR

Ahaaa, guess who added this one to the list. I invited him to fill up the rest of the ten and this is what we have. I suppose as he’s been working so hard the last couple of months he deserves one!

Image Credit Playstation

A Pixar Desk Lamp

Another one on Rob’s list which I’m happy to oblige. With his freelance work taking off so much, it’s likely that he’ll need a decent study back home so a nice lamp won’t be too much of a problem.

A Comfy Mattress

We bought the entire contents of our very first flat (weird porn mags included) for £2000 when we moved in. We had no Furniture and the guy who was vacating the building was moving in with a girlfriend who wasn’t a fan of his stuff by all accounts. As part of the job lot we got a super king size mattress which is very old and it particularly comfortable. They’re pretty expensive to replace though so even when we got around to buying a new bed frame the mattress remained. When we get back it’s time to invest in the comfiest mattress we can find.

Image Credit Ana-White.com

A New Television

I’d be happy to keep the TV we have until it stops working but apparently my poor eyesight just can’t pick up how bad it is. Therefore a new television is apparently essential if we want to be able to watch programmes in any semblance of HD in the future, hopefully I’ll be able to see the difference between HD and standard for the first time!

Image Credit Homestoriesatoz.com

So there you have it, our shopping list for when we go home. I am excited to see how much of this we actually end up buying. I have all fingers crossed that the corner sofa definitely makes the cut!