There’s something about Thailand that makes me feel weirdly at home. I definitely wasn’t planning to be such a backpacker cliche but it seems to be going pretty well so there you go. Last time we were here was January where we stayed in Chiang Mai and I wrote all about our healthy week there which was more a travel diary than our usual blog posts, and here I go again.

We’ve just arrived on the beautiful island of Phuket where we’ll be staying in a small but perfectly formed apartment for a month to have a bit of a break. Whilst we won’t be travelling to any new countries we do plan to fit in some weekend island hopping, plenty of freelancing and lots of time to eat healthy food and look after ourselves a bit so it’s not all going to be about relaxing. In our usual style we’ve set ourselves a bit of a challenge to make sure we get the most from our time here and what better way to be accountable than to share our plans with all of you guys! We’ll check back in again in a month’s time to see how we’ve done, and hopefully we’ve not been too ambitious.

Firstly, the view from our balcony… jungle love <3


First up are some work related goals. We want to do a few updates to the site to tidy up some loose ends and fix a few bits that we haven’t had a chance to look at for a while. Once these are done I want to spend some time writing up some of the amazing things we did in Japan, Taiwan and a few other adventures from places we haven’t had time to write about. I’ll also try and get some new travel guides live as I have loads drafted but nothing has gone live here for ages.

We also want to earn some money while we’re here so a few hours work each day will be a priority. Rob’s got a couple of decent sized ongoing projects and I’ve got bits and bobs to work on. I could really do with one or two more clients to stop any quieter spells so will be doing the unfun job of hustling as well as doing the work I’ve got on.


The most fun part as it’s not all work and no play for this travelling couple! We want to make time to do at least two short trips to other islands – where for once we’ll be able to leave our big backpacks behind and travel light. If anyone has any recommendations let us know 🙂

We’ve chosen to stay in a cheap but modern apartment in the centre of the island so will also be getting about to explore Phuket itself as well. From waterfalls and hiking to national parks and beaches we want to take some time out most days to see what’s around us. It’s also Songkran (Thai new year) while we’re here as well so that I’m sure will be a fun day out! We’re thinking of heading to Patong to see what’s happening but not 100% decided yet.

Healthy Eating

So more exciting news, pretty much the same thing happened when we arrived in Chiang Mai, but I weighed myself and am lighter than expected again! I don’t actually weigh myself very often as I prefer to go by how I feel and how my clothes fit, but occasionally it’s handy to have it as a benchmark. Currently I’m at 66.3kg – my heaviest was the beginning of last year at 70kg and my lightest was 65kg last March after a couple of months of loads of exercise and healthy eating so I’m fairly pleased that after 8 months travelling I’m still in a reasonable range for my 5,8” height. Whilst I’m not too worried about my weight I’d definitely like to keep it in check and definitely want to eat better food for the next month.

We’ve spent the last month in Taiwan and Japan and while the food was incredible I don’t feel like I’ve been eating anywhere near enough fruit and vegetables. It’s mainly been a lot of noodles and fried stuff as well as plenty of sushi and okonomiyaki (more on that in a future blog). The plan is that we’ll be drinking lots of water and eating as healthily as we can for a few weeks. I’m also really excited to cook as our apartment has a nice little kitchen and we have all of our recipes from our Thai cooking class with us as well.

On our first day we headed straight to the local market and stocked up on eggs, nuts and fruit – as well as scoping out the other ingredients we need to cook favourites like green curry and papaya salad. I don’t want to get obsessed with it but do want to be a little more careful about what we’re eating. We’re also toying with the idea of a couple of veggie days a week as I know this will mean we eat better as well.

The last goal in this section is alcohol related. Unlike most travellers I think we actually drink less now than we did back home, but we want to make a concerted effort to drink even less as we know how much better we feel for it. The plan is to only drink two days a week as with the price of beer in Thailand it’s wayyy too easy to find yourself having a few drinks every day and it really makes you put on weight!


My least favourite but probably the most important and the bit that Rob is very keen to enforce! We both have slightly different goals here but hopefully we’ll be able to keep each other in line.

For me the priority is to get some muscle tone and improve my flexibility and general fitness. I also really find that I feel a lot better in myself when I exercise regularly – reduced anxiety, better sleep etc. So my plan is to do a 30 day yoga challenge and at least 30 minutes per day of other exercise – probably a couple of HIIT sessions, some swimming in our apartment’s pool and a couple of gym sessions a week. I don’t want to beat myself up about doing specific kinds of workouts, and just plan on doing what I feel like doing that day. As long as I tick off my yoga and my extra 30 minutes I’ll be happy. Of course I do also hope to fit in plenty of hiking!

Rob’s goals are a little tougher as he used to get a lot of exercise back home and feels that he’s a lot more out of shape. He’s going to be joining me with a 30 day yoga plan as well as doing 1-2 sessions per day in the gym and possibly some running.

Other Goals

Finally a couple of other things I want to do include reading some books and spending less time on the internet, as well as working on my tan! Perhaps not quite as wholesome but v important in my book, I love the sun and always feel 100 times better with a tan.

So that’s our plan for the month! I can’t wait to see how we get on and hopefully we’ll manage to check off what we’re aiming to do in four weeks time before we hit the road again.