Thought I might try to get into the habit of doing these round ups, time flies by so fast and it’s nice to sit back and take stock now and again. Every month would seem to much I think, but every couple feels a lot more manageable and means I’ll have more to talk about.

We’ve been so lucky to see the things we’ve seen. Between the end of month 2 on 21st September in Bolivia and 21st November (I’m a little late I realise), we’ve journeyed through just over 3 weeks in Peru, an incredible 10 days in the Galápagos Islands, a mad weekend in Miami, recovery in Fiji and got stuck into van life on our New Zealand road trip.

We’re now on country number ten and would be a little over half way to finished based on our original itinerary. But I guess the biggest thing that’s happened over the last two months is that we’ve decided we love this way of living, love seeing incredible things and new places every day and are determined to keep travelling for as long as we can. Our budget keeping has been a little up and down, but excitingly, we’ve started to make some money while on the road and plan to spend a couple of months in the new year knuckling down and really working out how we can continue to manage financially and practically for at least an extra few months.

We have a lot still to explore in our original plan and I’m looking forward to every part of that, and we have ambitions to add more states of the USA, perhaps Canada, Patagonia and hopefully Antarctica onto our trip. It’s mostly pipe dreams for now and there’s a lot of research to do before we confirm any extra destinations but that’s what we’re hoping for. I’ve always been really bad at not looking ahead and not spending too much time in the future planning the next thing so I guess that’s something that’s not changed on our travels and probably never will!

We’ve also changed our flights from Sydney in January to take us to Bangkok instead of Beijing. The weather in China is pretty miserable in January and tours are few and far between as well as expensive so we’ve just moved things round a little. January to March should hopefully be seeing the places on our list in South East Asia as well as hopefully Myanmar, then we’re off to Japan in time for the cherry blossoms at the start of April.

So for now, our highlights and lowlights for months 3 and 4…

Our Favourites…

Machu Picchu:

It’s one of the ultimate bucket list items so we knew we’d love it but we didn’t know quite how much. We had an incredible day exploring the ancient city after a crazy tough 4 day trek and have been left with a surprising love of hiking!


Re-uniting with our crazy llamas in Lima:

We loved our G Adventures tour group and made some amazing friends, travelling through Peru without them was kind of quiet, so meeting up again in Lima was fab. Our time here also involved some potentially questionable travel tattoos, wonky stars and llamas anyone?


The Galápagos Islands:

This whole experience was unbelievable, as you’ll see from all our blogs we’ve written. We had the absolute best time here and saw so many things I never though I’d be lucky enough to see. Unforgettable wildlife and landscapes and beautiful weather. Also our first cruise experience!


Halloween in Miami:

Pictures say it all really, we got back on the lime-a-ritas, donned some ridiculous makeup and fancy dress and had our first Halloween night out together. We don’t party very often but when we do it’s pretty fun. Definitely a night we’ll remember.


An Unbelievable Day Cruise in Fiji:

Fiji is just like how it looks in the guide books and without doubt the most beautiful country we’ve ever seen. On day 3 of our 4 day stopover we abandoned our plan to stay out on the main island and invested in a day cruise. It was awesome. We sailed on an 87 year old sail boat to snorkel and swim around tropical paradise islands for a whole day, what more could you ask for.


The whole of our NZ road trip so far:

Bit of a cop out but we’re having a brilliant time here. We questioned the wisdom of living in a van for 5 weeks but it’s actually nicer than most hostels and we’re loving just driving around every day, stopping off wherever we feel like and having no plans or future bookings. The weathers more or less great, the people are so friendly and there’s so much to see.


Some things we’d rather forget…

Getting Robbed in the Jungle:

I’ll stop going on about this soon. We knew it would happen somewhere along the line on our travels and it happened in the Amazon rainforest of all places. Our lodge was ransacked and our stuff stolen – both safe and well though so that’s all that matters really.

Empty hostels on the coast of Peru:

We were hoping for a fun week or so traveling up the coast of Peru but it didn’t quite turn out as planned. We did plenty of cool things but kept on rocking up at empty hostels, kind of weird and it’s always nice to meet people on the road.

Experiencing card fraud for the first time

Yeah thanks to whoever it was in Miami who cloned our card and went on to spend £500 in Sephora… even I can’t afford to do that! We’re now one debit card down and an almighty phone bill up thanks to those handy international call charges from the other side of the world.

Horrendous Seasickness on our Galapagos Cruise:

The cruise was amazing but I experienced sea sickness for the first time ever and it was awful. Literally couldn’t stop being sick, and spent the first two evenings confined to our cabin before I found my sea legs 🙁

The 2 day Journey to Fiji from Miami:

Already mentioned our night out for Halloween… turns out getting to sleep at half 3, attempting to sleep in the top bunk bed while a Brazilian street artist has sex with a random on the bottom bunk, then getting up at 7am to navigate to the airport for the next leg of our journey was a terrible idea. It was even worse when that journey involved a 6 hour flight to LA, a 7 hour stopover at LAX – BEFORE we could check in for our next flight, a final 12 hours to Fiji via the international date line. We left Miami at 9.30am on a Tuesday and arrived in Fiji at 6am on Thursday… nice.

Overall though, another awesome two months has passed us by. Probably thought about home than the two months prior, and perhaps a little more time relaxing than exploring at every opportunity we’ve had, but still incredible times every single day. Feeling lucky and looking forward to the next round up when we should have enjoyed our first hot weather Christmas and be chilling on a beach somewhere in south east Asia all being well!