Despite arriving in the city in torrential rain and being ripped off by our Uber driver, Jodphur turned out to be one of our favourite stops on our India itinerary. Known as the Blue City for its, uh, blue buildings, it’s one of the most photogenic places we visited.

We took hundreds of photos here and had a great time discovering the city’s highlights. From the traditional blue houses to the central market, the rooftop bars to the Fort, and not forgetting the surrounding desert and impressive marble cenotaph of Jaswant Thada, there’s no short of visually stunning places to explore.

Here are our favourite spots and our favourite pictures from Jodhpur…

Mehrangarh Fort

One of the largest and, in our opinion, most impressive, forts in India – this is worth every penny of its 600 Rupee entrance fee and we were there for several hours. The audio guide is an excellent free extra, allowing you to explore the fort with far more information, all provided by a rather jolly English chap and harking back to the 1950s – what’s not to love?!

From the enormous gates and impressive ramparts, to intricate architecture and intriguing museum collections, this was one of the highlights of our India trip.

Jaswant Thada

Just around the corner from Mehrangarh you’ll find Jaswant Thada, a beautiful mauseoleum that’s carved entirely from marble. In the light of the late afternoon it seems to glow in the sun, and is a stunning place to explore for an hour or so, especially as it’s surrounded by gardens.

The Blue City

It’s immediately obvious why Jodhpur is known as ‘The Blue City’ and its distinctive blue houses, shops and bazaars only make the area more photogenic. Traditionally the houses inside the city walls have been painted blue for many years, but there are several theories as to why.

Some believe it’s an association with the ‘priestly caste’, while others are more convinced that due to damage caused by termites residents mixed chemicals such as copper sulphate with white paint – leading to the blue effect. Whatever the reason, taking pictures of all the quirky blue buildings is a must on any trip to Jodhpur.

Clock Tower & Central Market

Always busy, at least in our experience, the central market is a hive of activity for tour guides, touts, market sellers and the many local cafe owners. Here is where you can expect to have to put up with the most hassle, but it’s nothing too serious – just make sure not to follow anyone insisting they’ll take you to an amazing local bazaar that tourists don’t usually get to see. Spoiler: it doesn’t exist and you’ll end up in a backstreet carpet shop facing some serious sales techniques.

Grab a coffee from one of the nearby cafes and watch the world go by – the colourful stalls make for great photo opportunities, whilst the clock tower itself is also pretty photogenic.

Sunset from a Roof Terrace

There’s a reason why pretty much all of the city’s hostels, hotels and restaurants boast about having rooftop bars. The fort towers over Jodphur and some of the best views can be had from these rooftops either in the early morning or at sunset. It also gives a great lookout point to admire the blue tint to cityscape from all of those old blue buildings.

Some of our recommendations include Hostelavie for a cheap hostel with beautiful interiors and a well located terrace, and Indique for sunset dinner and drinks on the rooftop – not so budget friendly but perfectly situated.

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