Wow, we’re finally here! Well, we’re at Gatwick airport, enjoying some food while we wait for our flight… 3 hours to the airport, 3 hours to check in / security / take off and fast getting used to long waits in transport hubs 😉 but really, at this moment in time, it’s all just part of the fun!

After our crazy decision to take time out to travel, 8 manic weeks of planning, preparing and packing, the day is finally here and we’re packed and ready to get on a plane.  This is definitely the most excited I’ve been in my life.. for this brief moment the nerves have subsided and I cannot wait to take off in approximately 2 hours time! Also, very exciting news (this one’s for you Rhiannon), Rob’s luggage weighs in at 12.5kg whilst mine is just 11.9kg… we might actually be able to lug these backpacks round the world for 8 months after all – bonus!

So, while I’m here I thought I’d get into blogging on the hop, and thought I’d write a little post about how cool the last couple of (stressful) weeks have actually been.  So what’s been cool about them when on the surface it would appear all I’ve done is moan and freak out, I hear you say?!  Well, for the first time in a long while, we’ve actually made a concerted effort to spend as much time as possible with our friends and families and it has been so nice!! Obviously, this isn’t a surprise, but it’s rare that we’d cram in so much socialising in to such short period – we’re kind of lazy normally.

From catching up with old school friends for brunch, dinner and my mum’s quite random 60th Birthday extravaganza (complete with dodgems!), to barbecues, afternoon teas and dinner with our families, it’s been a blast and we will miss you all!  Annoyingly we didn’t manage to catch everyone in our paparazzi style pictures, so sorry if you’re not in the rogues’ gallery below, but it’s been wonderful to see all of you to say goodbye.  Have an awesome 2016 and we’ll see you in 2017… unless we decide to stay 😉


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