In May 2016 there was a takeover at the company we both worked at. This left us in a position where we started to question certain aspects of our lives… long story short, we decided to jack it all in, take voluntary redundancy and travel the world for 6-8 months until we worked out what to do with our lives. We started planning our route, before finishing work on July 13th and flew out to our first stop, New York City, on 21st July. It all happened somewhat rapidly and we’ve now decided we like this travelling thing so much that we’re going to do it for as long as we possibly can.

On the site you can read all about our adventures on the road from itineraries and advice to some more exciting stories such as the horrible journeys we’ve had on our way around the world, or the time we had our stuff stolen – right down to all the furniture from our room – in Peru.


Who Are We?

What’s been your Best Travel Moment?

Rob – seeing Machu Picchu for the first time

Sarah – travelling around the Galápagos Islands

How About your Worst Travel Moment?

Rob – probably getting robbed in the Amazon jungle, or maybe getting sick in Chile

Sarah – standing in a human poo while trekking to Machu Picchu was pretty bad

Soundtrack to Your Life

Rob – any country song

Sarah – I share a deep and guilty secret love of country music, ‘Chillin on a Dirt Road’ is the playlist to my life

Most Important Possession

Rob – laptop, couldn’t earn all that money for Sarah to spend without it

Sarah – my iPhone for sure

Favourite Food / Cuisine

Rob – I have typical manly tastes so steak, burgers etc, it’d have to be the US for me

Sarah – hard one to choose, either Italian (pasta, ice cream, pizza…) or I’ve also randomly developed a love of Deep South style fried chicken with mash potato, biscuits, grits and corn on this trip.

What’s Not Another Travel Blog All About?

Well, in truth I guess we are just another travel blog. Our niche is that we have no niche – we don’t limit ourselves to particular countries, regions or types of blog post or travel experience, although we have a general focus on the following:

Cultural Travel

I wasn’t quite sure how to word this, but I think cultural is the best term. We’re not travellers who like to party 24-7 although we’re not averse to having a few drinks and a good time. We love to immerse ourselves in the destinations we visit, including watching films, reading books and getting to learn as much as possible about new places. Meeting local people and making sure to fit in as many local experiences as possible is a big focus.

Food & Drink

We’re ambassadors for Project Beta’s campaign to support Action Against Hunger and are keen foodies both at home and abroad. We try to learn how to cook local dishes when we travel to new countries and try as much of the regional cuisine as we can. Each Friday on the blog we have a ‘foodie Friday’ post all about food & drink.

Nature & The Outdoors

We love hiking and getting outdoors. Whether it’s mountains and forests, lakes and open countryside or beaches and rugged coastlines we love exploring the great outdoors on our travels. In New Zealand we fell in love with hiking and now make it our mission to explore everywhere we go with at least a few decent hiking trips.

Quality Itineraries

Really useful and actionable itineraries that help people to plan their travels – travel blogs were a great source of advice but we often found we needed a combination of them to get the right balance. Our itineraries are simple, easy to read and offer a range of handy alternatives if you have more or less time to spend in a particular place.

If you feel like what we do is relevant to your brand and are interested in working with us we’d love to hear more – contact us here.

How do we Afford to Travel?

A common question we get is how can you afford to travel long term, or even indefinitely as we’re hoping to. We saved a lot before leaving the UK – we had a deposit saved for a new house, sold our cars and had statutory voluntary redundancy payouts when we left work. In total we had around £25k saved when we left and had already booked our round the world tickets, as well as a few tours and journeys.

We also work remotely while we’re on the road – Rob does a lot of web development and design, whilst Sarah specialises more in digital marketing and content marketing in particular.

Hope you enjoy keeping up with our adventures!

Machu Picchu