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Robert Kent

Rob is generally regarded as the better looking between him and Sarah. He's also in charge of writing these bio's. You'll find him here either attempting to write humorous blog posts or tweeting about things that are vaguely travel-related.

Europe, Poland 14th June 2018

Visiting Auschwitz from Krakow

When people say they are going to be visiting Auschwitz from Krakow, it’s hard to know how to respond. You can’t really say “have fun” or “enjoy your trip”. In the end I tend to go with “have a great time in beautiful Krakow and I’m pleased you’ve chosen to experience Auschwitz”. Even that sounds a little awkward.

Japan, Random 22nd March 2017

We need to talk about Manga…

As I write this, we are 24 hours from arriving in Japan, one of my most anticipated countries on our epic round the world adventure. You see to me, Japan has it all, culture, tradition and bags full of history. The people are thought to be some of the most respectful in the world, the food is awesome and even the technology in the bathroom is second to none. For me though, Japan has always stood out for two main reasons – Samurai and Manga.

General, Random 13th February 2017

Do all Budget Travellers dream of becoming Luxury Travellers?

I was browsing twitter one sunny afternoon In Chiangmai when it suddenly occurred to me that I follow quite a lot of luxury travel bloggers. Sitting there in a side street cafe drinking my Chang and chop-sticking away at a plate of 60-baht Pad Thai, I somehow found myself scrolling through image after image of exotic beaches and boutique 5* hotels.

Advice & Tips 27th January 2017

5 Daily frustrations for a Digital Nomad

We’ve been backpacking around the world for over 6 months now and while we sold our cars and rented our house out, savings do not last forever. Thankfully we anticipated this and brought along with us a rather small 11′ MacBook Air so that we could do a bit of freelancing on the road.

Adventures, Australasia, New Zealand, Places 16th December 2016

A Day Trip to Milford Sounds, New Zealand

Milford Sounds is not really a sound at all. In geological terms, a sound is a passage that is formed from the freezing of river water, which turns into millions of tons of glacial ice. This ice tears huge chunks out of the neighbouring mountains. Over thousands of years the relentless pressures of so much ice split widen the gaps turning them into valleys. These valleys eventually fill with sea water to become what is known as a ‘Sound’.

Adventures, Peru 3rd November 2016

Our Amazon Nightmare

This post started out as a recollection of the main events from our disastrous tour of the Amazon jungle in Puerto Maldonado, Peru. It then warped into a creative writing piece written in the third person that was supposed to make it easier for me to write about these traumatic events.

Bolivia, South America 2nd October 2016

3 days in Salar de Uyuni (salt flats), Bolivia

Salar de Uyuni (or the Salt Flats as we like to call them) are world famous for being very flat and very salty. During our 3 days in this area we were extremely fortunate to see rare animals, join in with a llama-burning ceremony and play football with local Bolivian children who made us look as if our lungs had been forcibly removed prior to kick-off.