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Robert Kent

Rob is generally regarded as the better looking between him and Sarah. He's also in charge of writing these bio's. You'll find him here either attempting to write humorous blog posts or tweeting about things that are vaguely travel-related.

Itineraries, New York City, North America, USA 28th July 2016

4 Days in New York City – A Budget Travel Itinerary!

Our first stop on our 9 month tour of the world begins in one of the most expensive places in the world, yes, we are spending 4 Days in New York City! Even though we currently have a fair bit of cash (as it’s our first week) we definitely wanted to stick to some form of budget while we’re in the USA and a 4 day New York itinerary can sometimes eat up a lot of cash!

Travel Planning 13th July 2016

Leaving Work & Selling Stuff

So the time has finally come, my last day of work was today (OMG) and Sarah left a week and a half ago. Knowing that I won’t be back working for over 8 months is quite a strange thing to think about really, but you can’t go travelling around the world with a 9-5 (unless you get paid for it – lucky buggers!).