There’s not a lot you can do in Beverly Hills when you’re unwilling to spend a lot of money, fortunately one free thing you can do is to walk around and try to spot as many celebrities or supercars as you can.

We were there for an hour walking up and around Rodeo Drive, Sarah trying to spot celebrities and me taking a few sneaky snaps of the cars I’d very much like to steal.

What a sight we must have looked in our travellers garb eating a packed-lunch on a bench outside the Rolex shop! I’m pretty sure we’re the reason no celebrities appeared that day – or at least anywhere near to where we were sitting. What we did see though, were many cool cars. Here’s a brief selection of the ones I managed to take a snap of.


When you walk around LA you’ll see many of these Corvettes. They seem to be as common as the Ford Focus in the UK.


One of my all-time favourite cars a Dodge from the 70s/80s


One of a few Ferraris spotted on our outing


This one is slightly nicer


This green GT3RS really turned some heads as it drove through Rodeo Drive


McLaren, need I say more?


Another Porsche, though the decal on this was really nice.


The famous Rodeo Drive sign


This bright-yellow Rolls-Royce wouldn’t be my first choice…


A bit of class in an otherwise over-flamboyant street