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Food & Drink, Japan 5th May 2017

5 Foods You Must Try in Japan

Japan is famous for its food culture worldwide and with good reason. From teppanyaki to takoyaki there are an enormous range of dishes to try, from the delicious to the downright strange. Most people have encountered sushi, ramen or Teriyaki, whilst many have heard of the notorious Fugu (pufferfish) – which, if prepared incorrectly, can poison you. There are still many dishes though that are not so well known, some of which turned out to be amongst the best meals we had on our travels.

Europe, Food & Drink, United Kingdom 28th April 2017

Dans Le Noir, London: A Review

So this Foodie Friday there’s a break from stories of our cooking classes around the world as we’ve now written about them all, which happened surprisingly quickly. Next stops are China and Indonesia so hopefully these will bring some cooking classes that are as amazing as the ones we’ve done so far. In the meantime I wanted to write more about the foodie experiences we’ve had both on our travels and closer to home – starting with an evening spent at Dans Le Noir in London.

Food & Drink, Japan 21st April 2017

Our Sushi Making Class in Osaka, Japan

We were so excited to be able to go to a sushi making class in Osaka, Japan. After starting our cooking class challenge this is definitely the food we were most excited to learn how to cook, and even better my Mum was able to join us when she came out to visit us in Japan for a couple of weeks. Family bonding time and cooking new food all in one evening – what more could you ask for!

Food & Drink, Malaysia 14th April 2017

Our Cooking Class in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

It’s Friday so I’m writing about food again, and this time it’s one of our favourite foodie day trips – our cooking class in Malaysian. Malaysian food is amazing and Penang is popularly known as the foodie capital of the country, so after spending 3 days there, we were super excited for our cooking class. Discovering that they were pretty pricey, we decided to do our cooking class in Kuala Lumpur as there were a number of cookery schools just outside the city that looked great and didn’t charge as much as other areas.

Adventures, Food & Drink, Vietnam 7th April 2017

Our Cooking Class in Hoi An, Vietnam

Happy Friday! I’m actually writing this blog straight from our cooking class in Hoi An despite the fact it won’t be published for several weeks. Why you ask? Well, because this was up there with the very best foodie experiences we’ve had while travelling and I wanted to get it all down for you while it’s fresh in my mind.

We decided to take our cooking class for Vietnam in Hoi An due to some great recommendations on Twitter and we’re very glad we did so thank you for those.

Food & Drink, Myanmar 31st March 2017

Our Cooking Class in Inle Lake, Myanmar

After having such an amazing time at our cooking class in Cambodia, we were determined to do some more on this more extensive travelling expedition. Our two weeks in Myanmar was our first lengthy stop in South East Asia as we travelled here in early January, and when we pitched up for a few days in the beautiful laid back town on the edge of Inle Lake, we thought it would be the perfect opportunity to take some time to do our cooking class in Myanmar.

Food & Drink, General, Malaysia 25th March 2017

Awesome Coffee Shops In Georgetown, Penang

The coffee addiction that I picked up in Vietnam and that Rob has nurtured for basically a lifetime continues. We went to Malaysia on a whim after seeing flights for £20 each and decided we’d spend a week relaxing and working, in a desperate attempt to earn some more money before visiting Japan.

We were forecast heavy thunderstorms, grey skies and almost constant rain, but when we arrived we actually found most days provided us with at least a few hours of beautiful sunshine.

Adventures, Food & Drink, Taiwan 24th March 2017

A Street Food Tour in Taipei: The Ultimate Dining Experience

Sadly we weren’t able to take our usual cooking class in Taiwan as it was surprisingly expensive and we simply couldn’t justify it given that we’re fairly broke these days. After doing some research the cheapest class I could find was 100USD per person which was so far out of our budget we may as well have been flying to the moon to learn how to cook. I mean, it’s not cheap here by South East Asian standards but it’s hardly the most expensive place we’ve visited so we were kind of shocked at the prices and sad that our cooking class challenge seemed to be coming to an untimely end.