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Advice & Tips, Food & Drink, Thailand, Travel Planning 17th February 2017

The Perfect Healthy Week in Chiang Mai

After a few busy months of travel we were looking forward to a week in Chiang Mai to relax. The plan was to treat ourselves to a nice hotel, get some work done so we could top up the bank account and eat loads of good food and just generally look after ourselves a bit better for a few days. This became all the more important after having spent a fortnight in Myanmar where I’d been ill pretty much constantly and where we’d had little or no wifi to allow us to work.

Food & Drink, New Zealand 12th December 2016

The Best Brunches You’ll Find in New Zealand

Brunch is the perfect meal for travellers on a budget. Unlike breakfast it means you can enjoy a lie in, and if you time it right you can often survive quite comfortably on just one meal a day if that meal is a hearty brunch. Brunch is also the perfect meal to stock up on protein, often hard to come by when backpacking as carbs are typically the cheapest easiest food group to get your hands on.

Advice & Tips, Food & Drink, Itineraries 29th July 2016

Things To Do In East Williamsburg: Pizza, Beer & Street Art

For our time in New York, as Rob’s mentioned, we stopped at a hostel in East Williamsburg – NY Moore Street. ┬áNow, everyone I spoke to before we arrived raved about the area – numerous people telling us how much we’d love it and how cool it was, so perhaps my expectations were set a little too high but whilst we enjoyed it I’m not 100% sure I’d stay here again. There are plenty of things to do in East Williamsburg though, so read on to see if it’s your kind of place…