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Brazil, Itineraries 2nd September 2016

8 Days in Brazil: Reaching South America

Writing this from a cosy hostel in wintertime Mendoza, Argentina, while we read about heatwaves over in the UK it’s hard to believe we’ve been on the road for 6 weeks now – it kind of feels like no time at all and ages at the same time if that makes any sense. Reassuring though that we’re this far in, have survived so far without any major incidents or arguments, and are still having an amazing time! So I wanted to take this opportunity to remember some sunnier days and write about our 8 days in Brazil, which was an incredible first step into South America.

Advice & Tips, Food & Drink, Itineraries 29th July 2016

Things To Do In East Williamsburg: Pizza, Beer & Street Art

For our time in New York, as Rob’s mentioned, we stopped at a hostel in East Williamsburg – NY Moore Street.  Now, everyone I spoke to before we arrived raved about the area – numerous people telling us how much we’d love it and how cool it was, so perhaps my expectations were set a little too high but whilst we enjoyed it I’m not 100% sure I’d stay here again. There are plenty of things to do in East Williamsburg though, so read on to see if it’s your kind of place…

Itineraries, New York City, North America, USA 28th July 2016

4 Days in New York City – A Budget Travel Itinerary!

Our first stop on our 9 month tour of the world begins in one of the most expensive places in the world, yes, we are spending 4 Days in New York City! Even though we currently have a fair bit of cash (as it’s our first week) we definitely wanted to stick to some form of budget while we’re in the USA and a 4 day New York itinerary can sometimes eat up a lot of cash!

Itineraries, Travel Planning 20th June 2016

8 Months Round the World – The Itinerary

The hardest part of planning our trip, apart from making the decision to go in the first place, was definitely deciding where to go and what route to take.  We knew that for us, this was going to be a once in a lifetime opportunity to see as much of the world as possible, and that realistically we had to put a limitation on how long we spent out of the workplace.