I know these kinds of posts are eternally popular with bloggers and perhaps a little over done but I thought I’d hop on the bandwagon anyway. The more I blog the more I tend to read other blogs, and I’m continually adding new ones to my browsing list. I’ve actually always been a fan of reading blogs and whenever I discover one that makes me want to delve back into the archives and continue to check back for new posts I know I’m onto a winner.

This is a mixed bunch, although I’ve categorised them for easier reading, and covers everything from travel (obvs), to lifestyle and marketing blogs. Some are by people I know personally, as I love to see that others are persevering in the blogging world and it helps keep me motivated. I have a serious addiction to my iPhone and spend far too much time reading stuff on the internet so this is the perfect post to collate all of my favourite links.


Lifestyle blogs are probably my favourite, although I find it tricky to find ones that I keep coming back to. Sometimes you’ll stumble across a particularly motivating post and decide that this person is your new inspiration when it comes to fashion / interiors / recipes etc, only for that interest to wane. All of these are blogs I check out several times a week as I love both the writing styles and the topics they discuss.

A Rosie Outlook:

One of the first blogs I started reading regularly, this covers everything from creative writing and adventures to outfit posts and interiors. I love Rosie’s photography and her writing style. Living on the south coast means loads of beautiful beach pictures and she also posts enviable food pics including many of mouthwatering burger and pizza choices.

Be Frassy:

Weirdly I went to university with Audrey of Be Frassy and although I didn’t know her well, she intimidated the hell out of me and probably still would if I met her today! All the way back then she was blogging about fashion and despite lots of┬átrolling from fellow students clearly continued on persistently for many years up to now. I love her whimsical writing style, impossibly stylish outfits and the glimpses into her Barcelona / Paris lifestyle.

Hannah Gale:

A slightly newer one for me Hannah seems like the girl next door who everyone wants as a best friend. With a recent slant towards more fashion oriented posts and a frequently updated YouTube channel her posts are always entertaining and she has a way of writing that’s direct but still entertaining.

Vix Meldrew:

I found this one via Hannah Gale’s blog and immediately loved it. This girl writes seriously hilarious posts mixed in with the odd sharp dose of reality and the blog is compulsive reading.


Giving back a bit of blog love to Jade who recently shouted out our site on her list of favourites, I actually kind of know her but don’t from back home after working with her two sisters. I love reading about everything from her weekly trends posts to reading lists and her recent series on ‘Things my Instagram won’t tell you’ is ace.


I know that Travel blogs should probably be at the top of this list but to be honest at this precise moment I feel a little travel blogged out. Not ideal when writing a travel blog I can tell you. Thing is, while travelling full time I’m finding blogs the absolute best resource for researching and planning on the go so I spend a huge amount of time reading them. As we all know there are millions out there but these are the ones I come back to time and again because I love the content, style and photography.

Vicky Flip Flop Travels:

I found this one ages ago when looking for itineraries for Vietnam and happened to stumble across the perfect outline trip for us to base our journey on. Despite the post being a couple of years old I even got a reply when I asked a couple of questions in the comments section on the off chance. Since then I’ve delved into several other posts, both itineraries and the really helpful posts Vicky publishes on her approach to blogging.

We Are Travel Girls:

Bit biased here I guess as these guys were awesome enough to publish my post about Wellington, NZ which about made my day! Regardless of them publishing me though, the rest of the blog is great and features lots of new bloggers. I’m also addicted to their beautiful Instagram page and hope to make it to one of the meet ups they run one day.

Never Ending Footsteps:

If I could wake up tomorrow as any figure in the travel blogging industry it would without a doubt be Lauren from Never Ending Footsteps. Sounds a bit weird I know but even though she often writes about travel disasters, I love her writing style, hilarious stories and practical advice. I also love that she’s managed to crack this industry and has been a full time traveller and blogger for 5+ years now but never sounds smug about it in her blog posts on the subject.

Hippie in Heels:

Rachel is a travel blogger based in Goa, India who continues to adventure across the world. I love her writing style and photography and it’s a great place to read about travel stories and itineraries from all over the world. We’re currently planning an India trip and finding all the advice here really helpful.


Ah my favourite topic and the subject of at least 90% of my posts on Instagram pre-travelling. I love cuisine from all over the world and enjoy everything from fast food to elaborate healthy recipes. I love watching foodie videos and reading recipes as well as being inspired by stories about amazing restaurants and food related adventures from all over the world. I know for sure that when I’m back home and cooking every day again I’ll find tons of new sites for this part of the list.

Smitten Kitchen:

Delicious food cooked in the tiniest of all kitchens in New York City. The photography is amazing and I think I bookmark just about every other recipe to try one day, everything from wholesome evening meals to salads and snacks.

Made By Luci:

Another blog by a friend as I love reading blogs by people I know and am always inspired to continue my own writing. Luci’s blog is about vegan cooking so possibly a strange choice for a meat eater like myself but her soup and casserole recipes are amazing and perfect for cold days. Most inspiring of all are the amazing daily breakfasts that she makes and takes awesome pictures of. This is responsible for getting me into a serious breakfast oats addiction.

So that’s my list of favourite blogs for now, im sure there’s lots that I’ve forgotten and may do another post in the future as I remember these and add more to my collection. All of these are worth a read if you’re interested in any of the topics mentioned!