General, Random 26th May 2017

10 Months On The Road – Reflections

I can hardly believe it’s time for another round up post, the months are still flying by. We’re now 10 months into our travels and as I’m writing this I’m sat in Starbucks in Hong Kong (exotic I know), watching the rain tipping down outside and trying to catch up on some admin. As it’s going live we’re in Manila, which is slightly more exotic but still fairly rainy.

Adventures, Bolivia, South America 23rd May 2017

8 Of The Best Reasons To Visit Bolivia

We were lucky enough to spend a couple of weeks in Bolivia on our travels and were surprised by just how much we enjoyed it. Like many of the destinations we visit we hadn’t done a huge amount of research in advance, and had heard mixed reviews from other travellers on our journey through South America. There are loads of awesome reasons to visit Bolivia and it’s a beautiful, amazing and fascinating country to explore.

Adventures, Asia, Food & Drink, Japan 19th May 2017

Alice In A Labyrinth, Tokyo – Our First Themed Restaurant Experience

As it turned out, not only did my mum decide to come and visit us while we were spending two weeks travelling Japan, but her visit happened to fall on Mother’s Day. Anyone would think she’d planned it that way! Of course, having not seen her in the best part of a year, we wanted to plan something pretty special, and decided we’d treat her to dinner.

General, Random 18th May 2017

My Recent Reads: Books & Blogs

I had the idea of writing a post like this for a while and have loved reading some similar ones that fellow bloggers have published recently. I think sometimes it’s kind of nice to feel like you’re getting to know the person behind the blog a little more than you normally get to from the standard posts about what they’ve been up to recently.

Itineraries, Japan 16th May 2017

The Perfect Two Week Japan Itinerary

This is based on our itinerary for Japan, but with some improvements and bits that we missed due to bad weather / jetlag etc. This two week Japan itinerary gives plenty of time to see the highlights in Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto and Hiroshima as well as some extra day trips to see even more of what Japan has to offer. Ideally you’ll be able to spend much longer than this, but this is a great two week outline to help you plan your trip.

Adventures, Advice & Tips, New Zealand 14th May 2017

The Best Easy South Island Hikes, New Zealand

This post has been a long time coming but I’m so glad I made time to sit down and write about the hiking in South Island. It’s no secret that we both loved our time in New Zealand and looking over old pictures for this post has made me so keen to go back some day! Just like North Island, there are plenty of epic South Island hikes, and it’s so worth squeezing in at least a couple of them on your trip.

Food & Drink, Thailand 12th May 2017

The Best Healthy Restaurants in Phuket, Thailand

We arrived in Thailand ready for a health kick and were pretty disappointed to discover there was no easy way for us to find the best healthy restaurants in Phuket. Many listed as healthy on TripAdvisor just served standard Thai food and while that’s always delicious it’s not always the healthiest choice.

Adventures, Advice & Tips, Japan 11th May 2017

The Top 10 Things To Do In Japan

Japan is well known for its interesting and sometimes unusual culture and our visit didn’t disappoint. From a live action robot show to making sushi, and from exploring the ancient temples of Kyoto to hand feeding tame deer in Nara, there are so many things to do it can be hard to work out what to prioritise fitting into your trip. If you have a couple of weeks to explore these are our all time top 10 things to do in Japan, that will mean you make the most of your time in this amazing country.

Travel Planning 10th May 2017

Thoughts on Travelling to Dangerous Places

While we’ve visited several countries that are considered to be ‘dangerous’ I seem to find myself dwelling on the safety aspects of travel more frequently as time goes by. By now I’m pretty sure I should be one of those intrepid travellers who is hardened to the drama of travel advisories and is confident to venture out to places where you wouldn’t typically find many holiday makers.

Adventures, Bolivia 9th May 2017

Discovering Dinosaur Footprints in Bolivia

Much to our surprise, Bolivia turned out to be one of our favourite countries. We didn’t know a lot about it before our visit except for understanding that it’s a very poor country, has some social and infrastructural challenges and tends to be a bit like marmite with travellers. As we’d journeyed through South America some people regaled us with stories of terrible food poisoning, scary experiences of theft and plenty of difficulties in travelling around Bolivia.

Adventures, Galapagos 7th May 2017

20 Awesome Photos Of The Galapagos Islands

We absolutely loved the Galapagos. Even now, many months and adventures later, we love looking back on our photos of the Galapagos Islands and remembering what an incredible time we had. Whilst it’s pretty expensive as backpacking destinations go, and not exactly the easiest place to reach, I’d recommend it to any travellers who love nature and wildlife. 

Food & Drink, Japan 5th May 2017

5 Foods You Must Try in Japan

Japan is famous for its food culture worldwide and with good reason. From teppanyaki to takoyaki there are an enormous range of dishes to try, from the delicious to the downright strange. Most people have encountered sushi, ramen or Teriyaki, whilst many have heard of the notorious Fugu (pufferfish) – which, if prepared incorrectly, can poison you. There are still many dishes though that are not so well known, some of which turned out to be amongst the best meals we had on our travels.