Frankfurt is well known as the financial heart not just of Germany but of the EU, and as such isn’t always seen as a tourist hot spot. Most travellers to Germany tend to gravitate towards cities like Munich, Berlin and Cologne or nature hot spots like Kromlauer National Park or the Alps. Thing is, Frankfurt airport benefits from some extreeeemely cheap flights and is actually quite a nice place to hang out for a couple of days – so it may be worth investigating if you’re traveling in Europe.

We ended up here as flights from Delhi cost a lot less than pretty much anywhere else and decided to spend a day seeing the city before moving onwards to Munich. Having been in Asia for the last 6 months and India for the last 3, arriving in Frankfurt felt like landing on the moon. In our world anyway.

The airport was sparkling clean, transport was also very clean and easy to navigate and wow, it was so quiet walking down the streets to our hostel. No nearly getting hit by rickshaws, no blaring horns and no one trying to sell us stuff we didn’t want or need. It was kind of a weird bliss so I appreciate if you’re used to European comforts you may not be as blown away by Frankfurt as we were given our circumstances when we visited!

With that disclaimer out of the way – here’s how we spent the perfect summer’s day in Frankfurt.

We stayed at Frankfurt Hostel because prices were also a bit of a shock to the system after Asia and it cost us about €35 for two dorm beds for a night. Is it just us or are you more likely to encounter people who are a bit odd in hostels in Europe? Maybe just Frankfurt. Anyway, it was fine – clean and fairly comfortable but best of all, a free pasta dinner and a free (excellent) continental breakfast were also included.

Enjoying The Sunshine At The Palmengarten…

In the morning we made our way straight to the Palmengarten for a wander round in the sunshine. This is an absolutely beautiful city garden that’s the perfect place to relax on a sunny day. The €7 entry fee keeps the riff raff out and it’s a gorgeous, well maintained space with various sections to explore.

There’s also a very posh cafe that does great cakes and brunches if you’re not a budget traveller. In the morning it’s really peaceful and for us it was the perfect spot to relax and wander for a couple of hours and get reintroduced to the quiet, clean and pretty cities of Europe. This was a big highlight of our day in Frankfurt.

Eating All The Sausage & Sauerkraut

By this time we were about ready for some food and as it turned out there was a big summer festival taking place just outside Frankfurt’s famous opera house, our next stop off. Here we had a massive plate of sausage, sauerkraut and potatoes which was just heaven and only cost about €7 each.

Exploring The Historic Romerberg Area

After this we took a wander to Romerberg Square, in the heart of the historic old town. Most of Frankfurt was destroyed in WW2 and has been rebuilt, but here you’ll see reconstructed versions of many of the historic buildings that used to be in the area. It’s a great spot to relax with a beer and watch the world go by. Although really in Frankfurt it’s all about the Apfelwein more than the beer.

Nearby you’ll also find the city’s cathedral, which has also been restored in the original Gothic style in which it was built and is worth a quick visit. This area in general is somewhere that features in most of the city tours that run around Frankfurt and is a good place to mooch about for an hour or so.

Admiring Frankfurt From The Eiserner Steg

Our final adventure for the day was to make our way to the Eiserner Steg – a famous pedestrian only iron bridge which gives some great city views. We wandered around the riverside for a while and enjoyed another Apfelwein in the sunshine before heading back to the hostel to eat some free pasta and get an early night. We took the opportunity to walk through the city’s commercial district along the way to admire some skyscrapers and see the famous EU sign, the last stop off on our day in Frankfurt.

It wasn’t the busiest day we’ve ever had but it was a great chance to explore some of Frankfurt’s highlights and settle back into being in Europe after so much time away. If it hadn’t been such beautiful weather we might have taken in some museums and galleries on our day in Frankfurt but as it was, relaxing outdoors and admiring the city’s architecture and gardens was perfect.

Our Frankfurt Walking Route

Here’s a handy map of our route in case we’ve inspired you with all the fun things to do in Frankfurt 🙂