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Food & Drink, Laos 3rd March 2017

Our Cooking Class in Vientiane, Laos

By the time we did our cooking class in Laos we were fully committed to the challenge of completing a lesson in every country on the rest of our trip. The difficulty here was that we were on a very tight schedule and struggled to find the selection of cooking classes that tend to be on offer in other destinations. They were also very expensive with most advertised at 40-50USD and upwards per person which would have been a bit of a stretch with our backpacker budget.

Adventures, Itineraries, Laos, Travel Planning 22nd February 2017

Three Days in Vang Vieng – The Most Beautiful Place in Laos

I wish I could have spent so much longer here. We already had to extend our stay to spend three days in Vang Vieng as to be honest, given the stories about it being a bit of a magnet for travellers acting like dickheads and more of a party town than anything else, we were pretty sure we’d hate it. Whilst we’re not averse to a good night out we’re not exactly major party people, and at nearly (ahem) thirty years old we didn’t fancy hanging out with a bunch of wasted 18 year olds.