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Advice & Tips, Thailand 28th May 2017

Extending Your Thailand Tourist Visa in Phuket: A Quick Guide

Turns out that a lot of what we read online and we’re told when researching how to extend our Thailand visas in Phuket wasn’t fully up to date – so we thought we’d run through how it worked for us.

Firstly, the administrative office in Patong only deals with certain enquiries and isn’t open very often. All applications for visa extensions must be processed at the passport office in Phuket Town.

Thailand 18th April 2017

Celebrating Songkran in Phuket

It turned out that Songkran (Thai new year) fell in the first week of our month long stay in Phuket so we thought we’d better get geared up and see what it was all about. As the country is officially in mourning many said that the celebrations wouldn’t be as raucous as previous years and would be confined to the first day of the festival – April 13th. Based on our experience though, celebrating Songkran in Phuket was still pretty crazy!

General, Random, Thailand 10th April 2017

A 30 Day Travel Challenge from Thailand

There’s something about Thailand that makes me feel weirdly at home. I definitely wasn’t planning to be such a backpacker cliche but it seems to be going pretty well so there you go. Last time we were here was January where we stayed in Chiang Mai and I wrote all about our healthy week there which was more a travel diary than our usual blog posts, and here I go again.

We’ve just arrived on the beautiful island of Phuket where we’ll be staying in a small but perfectly formed apartment for a month to have a bit of a break.

Food & Drink, Thailand 17th March 2017

Our Cooking Class in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Thai food is forever my favourite. While I love Cambodian cuisine and in the end Burmese flavours won me over, if I had to choose I’d always fall back on Thai flavours. From spicy green curry to creamy Massaman, and from Khao Soi noodles to Pad Thai I love every single dish I’ve ever tried during my 3 trips to Thailand! Perhaps I’ve been lucky but (touch wood) I’ve never been ill the way I have in other Asian countries and I can’t get enough of those Thai flavours. I think my one true love might be mango sticky rice… but anyway, you catch my drift.

Advice & Tips, Food & Drink, Thailand, Travel Planning 17th February 2017

The Perfect Healthy Week in Chiang Mai

After a few busy months of travel we were looking forward to a week in Chiang Mai to relax. The plan was to treat ourselves to a nice hotel, get some work done so we could top up the bank account and eat loads of good food and just generally look after ourselves a bit better for a few days. This became all the more important after having spent a fortnight in Myanmar where I’d been ill pretty much constantly and where we’d had little or no wifi to allow us to work.