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Advice & Tips, Food & Drink, Thailand, Travel Planning 17th February 2017

The Perfect Healthy Week in Chiang Mai

After a few busy months of travel we were looking forward to a week in Chiang Mai to relax. The plan was to treat ourselves to a nice hotel, get some work done so we could top up the bank account and eat loads of good food and just generally look after ourselves a bit better for a few days. This became all the more important after having spent a fortnight in Myanmar where I’d been ill pretty much constantly and where we’d had little or no wifi to allow us to work.

Advice & Tips, Asia, Itineraries, Myanmar, Travel Planning 6th February 2017

Things To Do In Bagan: A 3 Day Itinerary

I can’t quite believe I hadn’t heard of Bagan until we added Myanmar onto the itinerary for this trip and started researching. It’s the ancient capital of the first Myanmar empire and home to over 2000 pagodas of all sizes and styles with some dating all the way back to the 11th century, like the famous Ananda Temple. If you’re wondering what things there are to do in Bagan, read on!

The 3 days in Bagan we spent biking around exploring temples and watching sunrises was one of the most incredible experiences we’ve had in South East Asia, so naturally we started writing this blog the minute we left so we could share some tips!

Advice & Tips, Australasia, Australia, Itineraries, Travel Planning 24th January 2017

25 Free & Cheap Things to Do in Sydney

Australia’s most populous city and often mistaken as its capital, Sydney is one of the best places in the world for a city break. Whether you prefer museums and galleries, parks or architecture there’s so much to do here that a week will fly by. Best of all, there are loads of cheap things to do in Sydney that will make a stay here far more budget friendly – we stayed for new year so there was a 7 night minimum stay and we had to find plenty of ways to make our budget stretch!

Advice & Tips, New Zealand, Travel Planning 31st December 2016

New Zealand Road Trip Tips: Planning & Budgeting

First things first, before you fly into New Zealand for your epic road trip, you’re going to need to do at least some planning. Luckily, unless you’re visiting in peak season, the benefits of exploring in a campervan are that you can stay very flexible and plan the specifics of your route as you’re travelling. To help you out, we’ve prepared a handy list of our top New Zealand road trip tips to get your started.

Travel Planning 13th July 2016

Leaving Work & Selling Stuff

So the time has finally come, my last day of work was today (OMG) and Sarah left a week and a half ago. Knowing that I won’t be back working for over 8 months is quite a strange thing to think about really, but you can’t go travelling around the world with a 9-5 (unless you get paid for it – lucky buggers!).

Travel Planning 28th June 2016

Our Round the World Packing Lists – His & Hers!

As you’ve probably already realised, I’m quite into planning – lists / spreadsheets, you name it, for planning this trip, I’ve done it all. Rob on the other hand tends to be a bit more laid back… almost horizontal in fact so relaxed is he about this trip! And amongst all of the research I’ve done and the time spent sorting through the details, nothing was quite so intimidating as The Packing List.

Itineraries, Travel Planning 20th June 2016

8 Months Round the World – The Itinerary

The hardest part of planning our trip, apart from making the decision to go in the first place, was definitely deciding where to go and what route to take.  We knew that for us, this was going to be a once in a lifetime opportunity to see as much of the world as possible, and that realistically we had to put a limitation on how long we spent out of the workplace.