We’re thrilled to announce today that we’re going to be contributors in an exciting new initiative over the next couple of months – working together with Project Beta – Taste The World, supporting Action Against Hunger. In light of this, and to give you all a break from reading about our cooking classes, today’s Foodie Friday is just a short post about exactly what we’re going to be doing and more on this great cause.

So, Project Beta is run by Hung Thai – an all round philosopher and foodie enthusiast based in Washington who has a passion for getting travellers from all over the world together to share their stories for a good cause. Last year’s project raised over $10,000 for charity¬†and this year we’re aiming to raise even more with the support of you lovely people and everyone else who’s getting involved.

‘Taste the World’ is all about people coming together to share their stories about food experiences from across the world. Whether it’s savouring local cuisine off the beaten track in some remote country or discovering a new favourite snack in a country you’re already familiar with, food is often a great source of travel experiences and memories. The plan is that these stories and tales of adventures involving food from all over the globe will be compiled¬†in a book that we’ll then work together to promote – all proceeds will be donated to Action Against Hunger. So far we have over 50 people committed to sharing their stories and more are getting involved every day which is amazing to see.

Action Against Hunger is an amazing charity – for almost 40 years they have been using their expertise to help tackle the issue of hunger in countries around the world, including working hard to solve issues at the root cause. Shockingly almost half of all child deaths worldwide are caused by issues relating to undernutrition and about 795 million people go to bed hungry every day. That’s about 1 in every 9 people on the planet for context. With over 6500 field staff and a focus on actionable change, they work to help the hungry in 45+ countries worldwide and are globally renowned for investing a huge proportion of the money they receive in donations directly into their program activities.

Their commitment to practical action is one of the many reasons they are the project’s charity of choice – and means we know that our money is being spent in the right ways to help people who are the most in need, which is always reassuring.

We’ve been lucky enough to have had some incredible experiences with food along this journey. From the porters on our trek to Machu Picchu cooking us up some delicious and nourishing meals with no facilities halfway up a mountain to learning to cook local dishes with the lovely family we spent time with in Laos and so many more examples. It’s going to be a struggle to pick out just one experience but we hope that you’ll take the time to read our story when it’s available.

If you’re a writer or traveller and would like to get involved in the project you can find out more here. There’s also lots more information on Action Against Hunger right here.

We’d love all our friends and readers to read our story when the book is available (hopefully June time), and watch this space for further updates!