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General, Random 30th July 2017

Home Sweet Home

If you’ve been keeping an eye on our instagram stories you’ll be aware that we’re now back at home after exactly one year and one week spent travelling full time. *Sob*. We’ve moved into my brother’s old bedroom at my mum’s house (my sister has my old room) and have already unpacked, done the washing and even started to recover some of our possessions from storage.

General, Random 22nd July 2017

12 Months On The Road: Where Did It Go?

So here we are. One whole year later, and still travelling – if only for another week or so. I genuinely can’t believe we did it! From that initial terrifying decision to go for it, to deciding to extend our trip from 8 months to 12, to surviving all that time living in each other’s pockets, it’s been a real rollercoaster. I can hand on heart say that it’s the best thing we’ve ever done, for ourselves, for our relationship, for every reason we can think of.

General, Random 26th May 2017

10 Months On The Road – Reflections

I can hardly believe it’s time for another round up post, the months are still flying by. We’re now 10 months into our travels and as I’m writing this I’m sat in Starbucks in Hong Kong (exotic I know), watching the rain tipping down outside and trying to catch up on some admin. As it’s going live we’re in Manila, which is slightly more exotic but still fairly rainy.

General, Random 18th May 2017

My Recent Reads: Books & Blogs

I had the idea of writing a post like this for a while and have loved reading some similar ones that fellow bloggers have published recently. I think sometimes it’s kind of nice to feel like you’re getting to know the person behind the blog a little more than you normally get to from the standard posts about what they’ve been up to recently.

General, Random 23rd April 2017

My Favourite Things About Travelling

Time to write another more personal post as I resolved to sound less like a guide book and more like a human being from time to time as I write this blog. So this time I’m taking stock on what I love the most about travelling. I mean, it’s not always easy and it’s definitely not always glamorous. I’ve written about how poor we are, how sick we’ve ended up getting and some dreadful journeys we’ve taken. We’ve been robbed, scammed and had plenty of unpleasant moments over the last 9 months of our worldwide adventures but there’s got to be some reason that we keep going!

General, Random, Thailand 10th April 2017

A 30 Day Travel Challenge from Thailand

There’s something about Thailand that makes me feel weirdly at home. I definitely wasn’t planning to be such a backpacker cliche but it seems to be going pretty well so there you go. Last time we were here was January where we stayed in Chiang Mai and I wrote all about our healthy week there which was more a travel diary than our usual blog posts, and here I go again.

We’ve just arrived on the beautiful island of Phuket where we’ll be staying in a small but perfectly formed apartment for a month to have a bit of a break.

General, Random 4th April 2017

Things I’ve Learnt From Travelling

I’ve seen quite a lot of bloggers writing about things they’ve learnt and regrets they have recently so I figured I’d jump on this band wagon as well. As I write this we’ve been travelling for 8 months and have recently cancelled our flights home as we couldn’t afford the charges for a date change. Good times to think about learning curves as we’ve travelled the world!

General, Random 29th March 2017

8 Months on the Road – Reflections

By rights I should be blogging this post from the UK, after catching our flight home from India 13 days ago… I’m actually writing from a Hello Kitty themed train in Taiwan. We’re heading from Hualien city back to Taipei ready to catch our flight to Tokyo where hopefully we’ll be able to catch some cherry blossoms. Even more exciting is the fact that my mum is flying out to meet us there for a couple of weeks in Japan and as I haven’t seen her for 8 months I’m stupidly excited!

Japan, Random 22nd March 2017

We need to talk about Manga…

As I write this, we are 24 hours from arriving in Japan, one of my most anticipated countries on our epic round the world adventure. You see to me, Japan has it all, culture, tradition and bags full of history. The people are thought to be some of the most respectful in the world, the food is awesome and even the technology in the bathroom is second to none. For me though, Japan has always stood out for two main reasons – Samurai and Manga.

Random, Top Lists 14th March 2017

My Favourite Blogs: Round 1

I know these kinds of posts are eternally popular with bloggers and perhaps a little over done but I thought I’d hop on the bandwagon anyway. The more I blog the more I tend to read other blogs, and I’m continually adding new ones to my browsing list. I’ve actually always been a fan of reading blogs and whenever I discover one that makes me want to delve back into the archives and continue to check back for new posts I know I’m onto a winner.

Random 28th February 2017

What’s in a Name?

There’s so much advice out there for people looking to get started in the world of blogging and lots of it, understandably, emphasises the importance of picking a name for your new blog. From the length of the name to how memorable it is, from making sure your social handles are available to considering if people will be able to spell it, there’s a veritable whirlwind of things to consider before taking the plunge and buying a domain name.

General, Random 13th February 2017

Do all Budget Travellers dream of becoming Luxury Travellers?

I was browsing twitter one sunny afternoon In Chiangmai when it suddenly occurred to me that I follow quite a lot of luxury travel bloggers. Sitting there in a side street cafe drinking my Chang and chop-sticking away at a plate of 60-baht Pad Thai, I somehow found myself scrolling through image after image of exotic beaches and boutique 5* hotels.