We arrived in Thailand ready for a health kick and were pretty disappointed to discover there was no easy way for us to find the best healthy restaurants in Phuket. Many listed as healthy on TripAdvisor just served standard Thai food and while that’s always delicious it’s not always the healthiest choice.So as we spent a month exploring the island and finding healthy places to eat in Phuket, we started to make a note of them so we could share our favourites here. Let me start by saying that this isn’t necessarily known as one of the most healthy destinations in this part of the world. Some of the other islands definitely have more of an emphasis on healthy food and drink, and it’s certainly got nothing on places like Bali – from what I’ve read anyway.

Still, if you’ve got your own transport there definitely are some good options available when it comes to healthy restaurants in Phuket. Here are our top choices that you should definitely try to check out if you’re trying to stay in shape and eat well on your trip here. I’ve ordered them by location so you can find which ones are easiest to get to as sometimes it can be a bit of a trek to get across the island.

Budget Healthy Restaurants in Phuket

Now, we didn’t find many restaurants at all on this island that could be described as ‘budget’ by Thailand standards, let alone healthy ones. These are our recommendations on the lower end of the price scale.

Rawai – Atsumi Raw Cafe

This is a small healthy Cafe located right on the seafront in Rawai, with plenty of comfortable seating and friendly staff. The menu is packed with healthy choices – with highlights including cold pressed juices, fresh smoothies and salads where you can select from a wide range of different ingredients.

Patong – Refuel Cafe

Located next to a large Muay Thai training gym, this one can be a little intimidating and often packed with super fit looking people fresh from their workouts, but is well worth checking out. The protein smoothies and green juices are amazing and they also have great breakfast options including oats with various fruits and seeds and poached eggs on rye toast. If you have a specific diet or set macros that you’re trying to stick to while travelling you can also get specially portioned out lunches which are high in protein and green veggies.

Mid Range Healthy Restaurants in Phuket

I’d say the vast majority of healthy eateries fall into the midrange category – sounds very cheap if you’re in the US or Europe but you’re looking at 250 THBish for a meal so around £5 per person. This is a fair amount compared to healthy food in Chiang Mai, or even Bangkok based on our experience.

Patong Beachside – Chez Bernard

Located on the beach, this isn’t strictly healthy living but they do the most delicious and well priced fresh seafood. If you want to enjoy a beachside meal, watching the sunset and eating fresh fish this is the perfect spot. Staff are super friendly and you don’t feel rushed at all unlike at some of the other spots on this stretch of beach. I don’t know why it doesn’t have the best reviews, as we ate here a couple of times and loved it.

Karon O-oh Farm Cafe

These guys have a couple of different outlets including ones in Phuket Town & Chalong but we liked the Karon Cafe best. They have a huge menu that includes everything from quinoa sushi to raw lasagnes and burgers. You can also get your courgetti fix here – with lots of zucchini based dishes, all of which are delicious. It’s pretty reasonably priced considering how much choice there is and the food is great. Would highly recommend the raw mango cheesecake.

Phuket Town – Eleven Two & Co

There are a fair few nice little cafes serving healthy food dotted around Phuket’s Old Town, but this one is our favourite. It’s not cheap, but it’s a lovely spot to escape the heat and enjoy fresh juices and salads. The rainbow salad with pineapple and shrimp is particularly good, as is the classic Caesar salad. The building it’s in is beautiful with rainbow shutters and old colonial style architecture.

Treat Yourself – More Expensive Healthy Restaurants in Phuket

I’ve also included below a couple of additional choices that are a lot more expensive but worth it if you want a really good meal out while you’re here. We’re talking £8-£10 and upwards for a meal, but very delicious healthy food from some great cooks.

Kathu – Thong Dee

We felt we had to visit this one as it was just round the corner from our apartment and we’re so glad we tried it! Service and staff are brilliant and it’s a modern but comfortable place to eat. We actually came here to have a roast dinner for Easter and it was one of the best meals we’ve had in our travels. It’s an Italian restaurant at heart but the menu does feature some salads and other healthy options. If you want a real treat in Phuket this is the place to come to.

Karon – Santosa Wellness Centre

Sadly we didn’t make it here as it was just too much of a stretch on our budget but it looks amazing, has brilliant reviews and we will definitely be visiting if we ever find ourselves back here. This is probably the healthiest restaurant in Phuket if you’re looking for expertly prepared vegan and raw food made by top chefs. We would have liked to try the twice weekly vegan and veggie buffet which I believe costs from 500THB depending on whether you want to include drinks / desserts.

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