Disclaimer: I am not a poet (and I know it!)

These chains of code do keep me bound
These websites, graphics and deadlines confound
My every day being, my dreams of escape
But alas, I am stuck, it is already too late
The boss wants it done, the money in the bank
So I slave in the evenings, and weekends – no thanks.

At last rest does come, a plane I do fly
To a distant new country, a new culture, a new sky
I live for these vacations, these precious few weeks
To forget all my troubles, those deadlines those tweaks
To code I did pen, and to some I did not
But something is nagging me, something I forgot

Did I finish that snippet? Did I push it to live?
Did I email that client? Is it on Google Drive?
I pick up my phone, I enable 4G
I check my last commit on the repository
It is done, it is saved, my job is secure
But it’s sad to think that when I leave my office door
To go on vacation, all eager and kitted
I worry for what I’ve left uncommitted

Uncommitted is really what I should change about me
To commit to a new life, so I can be free
To see more of the world and to use my skills
To pay for my journey over green and distant hills
I’ll be my own boss, I’ll work my own hours
My laptop is my office all I need is power

It’s 2017, wifi is all around us
There should be nothing to stop, slow down or ground us
I’ll code in Sri Lanka, I’ll code in Taiwan
I’ll code in New Zealand from the back of a caravan
Commitment is everything, it’s really not so bad
It’s the only thing you need to be a Digital Nomad

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