So, I said I’d never be one of those travel bloggers. You know – the ones who return from an extended trip all full of promises to keep the blog up to date, only to let it sink away into obscurity…

But hey, life gets in the way and then out of nowhere you’ve got a full time job, dogs to walk, dinners to cook, houses to clean and all of a sudden you remember that somewhere, gathering dust, you have a blog and it’s probably about time you did something with it. Jokes. Rob walks the dog every day, I return home to find dinner on the table (thanks Mum), and the lovely cleaner is tidying our room twice a week… Nope, I really have no excuses.

It’s been approximately 12 weeks and 3 days since we got back from our travels (not that I’m counting) and I’ve blogged precisely 0 times since August, so I thought it was about time to get back on it.

Only I’m not writing about all the exotic places we visited that I haven’t had chance to blog about. I’m not even writing about our incredible recent trip to Iceland. Nope. I’m going to share a little blog about a rather fab weekend I’ve just spent in (not so) sunny Liverpool.

Yeah… this is probably the brightest picture I got on day 1!

I’m sure it is sunny up north sometimes. Sadly not for our visit though. I’m not sure if it was Storm Brian or whatever storm we were having that week, but the two days we spent exploring Liverpool were much akin to walking through a wind tunnel for most of the time. With the odd torrential rain shower thrown in. Remind me again why I came back to England?

Moments before I got hit by an unexpected wave which got water all over my camera lens (which I didn’t even realise until I started editing photos for this post!)

Jokes aside though, my expectations for the weekend in Liverpool weren’t the highest. The lovely Jenny P and I had decided to venture out of the midlands and go somewhere new and exciting, and somehow Liverpool found its way into the mix of cities we were considering. Turns out it was an exceptionally good decision to visit and my preconceptions were about as wrong as they could be!

Before I get into all the detail of what you should do if you have a weekend in Liverpool, there are a couple of things to note about this awesome city.

How I didn’t notice the water I HAVE NO IDEA

Firstly, I have to admit, the scouse accent has never been one of my faves. Until I arrived in Liverpool and realised that it actually sounds pretty cool in person. Closely linked to my second point, which is that scousers are quite possibly, definitely in fact, the friendliest bunch I’ve ever met. And this is from someone who spent three years in the land of the Geordies. Honestly, I have never been anywhere so friendly!

From people popping over to check we weren’t lost and to offer directions when, I assume, we were looking a little confused, to people complimenting us on various aspects of our respective outfits, to other friendly locals offering us tons of tips on where we should head for the best eating, drinking and shopping as soon as they found out we were travelling up from down south, it was just a whirlwind of incredibly friendly outgoing lovely people.

If you have any doubts about what Liverpool might have to offer, I’d recommend going even if just to enjoy being around such a lovely bunch of people.

Also, there’s no need to have any doubts about what’s on offer anyway, because there’s absolutely tons to do.

I’m sure most people know one of Liverpool’s most recent claims to fame is its status as ‘European Capital of Culture’ in 2008, and for good reason. The regeneration of the docks area and the wealth of museums and galleries makes it one of the most culturally rich cities I’ve visited in the UK without a doubt.

Just a few things to get you started when it comes to the basic things to do in Liverpool are as follows:

Albert Dock – beautifully restored historic dock area where you’ll find lots of museums and cafes etc. Be careful of the waves on a windy day mind you. You’ll know what I mean when you see some of the photos in this post 🙁

Liverpool Cathedral – there are two cathedrals in Liverpool actually, both this traditional gothic one which happens to be the largest in Britain and the Metropolitan Cathedral, both worth a visit.

World Museum – one of the most popular Liverpool attractions and home to a fabulous Natural History Centre, they also have lots going on for Halloween if you’re trip planning for the very near future.

Maritime Museum – based in the Albert Dock, this museum contains a great history of the social and commercial history of the area.

Very excited to learn about these peculiar little things – Superlambananas to call them by their real name

Tate Liverpool – contains some great modern art from Roy Lichenstein as well as some more industrial revolution era art (Lowry) and photography exhibitions.

Royal Liver Building – one of the most iconic buildings in Liverpool and a lovely place to have a wander while you’re exploring the waterfront.

Open Eye Gallery – contemporary photography gallery, showcasing some local photographers and free to enter which is always a bonus.

Museum of Liverpool – a brilliant city museum, sometimes I think these can be a little, disappointing, shall we say, but this one is really worth a visit.

Beatles Story – pretty self explanatory, a whole museum dedicated to The Beatles, it was a little out of our price range unfortunately but I’d definitely go if I went back to Liverpool

Sadly, we didn’t get the chance to explore all of these, but the ones we did visit were all brilliant and I’d highly recommend to everyone spending a weekend in Liverpool. If you’re staying longer there’s even more suggestions here.

One of the coolest areas we found in the city, and far and away the best place for finding some fab cafes, bars and restaurants is Bold Street. I read that it was Liverpool’s answer to Carnaby Street although that’s not hugely helpful as I haven’t actually been there, but it’s a lovely street packed to the rafters with quirky little eateries and boutique shops. It’s also the perfect place to go at night as there are some brilliant cocktail bars – and it’s crazy cheap even by midlands standards, with delish cocktails for about a fiver! Even on a Saturday night outside of Happy Hour!

We had a suitably hipster brunch at Love Thy Neighbour and a ridiculously good dinner at Nolita Cantina, even though we were super awkward and just ordered a load of starters and sides because we couldn’t decide what we wanted. Following which we had far too many drinks at Leaf, a cosy little speciality tea cafe which turns into a funky cocktail bar by night.

Probs the most blogger photo I’ve ever blogged (bit proud)

I really can’t recommend Liverpool enough. I mean, if I love somewhere that much even when the weather is so bad you can hardly walk straight in gale force winds, it has to be pretty good!

If I’ve missed anywhere awesome off the list, which I’m sure I have, feel free to drop any other recommendations in the comments 🙂

Over and out for now…. will try not to leave it two months until the next one!